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RejuvitATX: Chiropractic Care and Red Light Therapy in southwest Austin

RejuvitATX: Chiropractic Care and Red Light Therapy in southwest Austin

RejuvitATX: Chiropractic Care and Red Light Therapy in southwest AustinRejuvitATX: Chiropractic Care and Red Light Therapy in southwest Austin


On-site Chiropractic Services

Pain management is one of the top health concerns in the United States and one of the most expensive. Chiropractors can help patients avoid invasive surgery and potentially addictive medications, and the costs that go with them.  That's why businesses are adding on-site chiropractors to their wellness initiatives.  Employers save on health care costs, while employees enjoy the convenience of easy access to care.

The most common pain conditions in the U.S. are; Back Pain 27%, Neck Pain 15%, Headache 15%.

The most common conditions treated by chiropractors; Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches and Injury Pain.

The #1 cause of worker disability is work-related musculoskelatal injuries, which cause 600,000 illnesses and injuries per year.

Pain has a costly impact on productivity:

      $11.6 billion to $12.7 billion a year for pain-related absenteeism

      $46.9 billion annual employer lost for pain-related presenteeism (present but not productive)

40% of U.S. companies have or are considering some type of on-site health clinic.

66% of large companies plan to expand their on-site offerings beyond primary care by 2020.

Wellness initiatives give employers a healthy ROI; 26% reduction in health costs, 30% reduction in worker's comp claims, 28% reduction in sick days.

People who use on-site chiropractic have fewer health care visits overall; 21.5 visits for on-site clinics, 37.3 visits for off-site health care.

Employee satisfaction gets a boost as well.

Wellness programs serve as a recruiting and retention tool.  It has been shown that there is 6% less attrition in companies with effective wellness programs.

Nearly 70% of employees would participate in a workplace wellness program.

89% of those who participate say the programs improved their overall happiness and well being.

Doctors of Chiropractic are well trained and positioned as the first option for drug-free, non-invasive, evidence-based and effective back and general neuro-musculoskeletal pain management making them a superior choice for on-site corporate health clinics.   In polls at companies that incorporate chiropractic care in their wellness programs, whether is be a solo chiropractor or a multidisciplinary team, the chiropractic care is consistently highly rated.

With this in mind, it seems like a no-brainer that it would be beneficial to incorporate chiropractic care in your company's wellness program.  Dr. DeYoung can help you with something as little as on-site education for you and your employees to setting up an on-site clinic to help take care of your employees right there at their workplace thereby decreasing time away from work traveling to appointments as well as negating any barriers for them to receive the proper care they need to help get them back to work as quickly as possible.   

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