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Re-juv-it-ATX: Chiropractic, Red Light Therapy & Weight Loss

RejuvitATX is open normal biz hours including 10-12 Saturday

Dr. Jeff DeYoung, D.C.

RejuvitATX  is open!  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued Executive order GA-09 pertaining to medical care providers during this COVID-19 crisis. Chiropractors are considered essential care providers and, as such, are being asked to remain open and to comply with all CDC and DSHS regulations. 

RejuvitATX Community Alert -

RejuvitATX is here for you!

Chiropractors are  considered essential care providers.

If you are in pain and need a chiropractic adjustment, please call us at (512) 442-7999. We want you to know there is no need to experience prolonged acute or chronic pain and discomfort. We are:

  • Mandating regular vigorous hand washing for all of us here at RejuvitATX.
  • Regularly cleaning and sanitizing clinic surfaces utilizing industry-best practices and beyond.
  • Ensuring no patient comes in if they are sick or show signs of being sick. That goes for us too.
  • Providing  more frequent disinfection of all high-traffic, high-touch areas  such as the front desk, doors/door handles, railings, arms of chairs and restroom surfaces.  
  • Ordered and selected supplements designed to help people relax and sleep  during this stressful time such as CBD oil, multi-vitamins that reduce inflammation and boost immunity, etc.

Our promise to you remains steadfast. RejuvitATX will work with each patient to identify their specific health issues and customize a program tailored to their needs and priorities.  Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and come see us if you need us. And, remember, we’ll get  through this together! 

HOURS - M 10-6 / T 2-6 / W 10-6 / TH 2 -6 / F 10-5 / SAT 10 -NOON


Who is Rejuvitatx?

RejuvitATX Chiropractic and Wellness Center, office of Dr. Jeff DeYoung, D.C., C.C.S.P.

NAME CHANGE as of 1/1/2020!   Re-JUV-it-ATX - Rejuvinate Yourself – Gain optimal health and vitality at every age!

We are now RejuvitATX Chiropractic and Wellness Center. RejuvitATX offers Chiropractic Services, Body Sculpting with Red and Near-infrared light, DNA testing to analyze dozens of traits embedded in your DNA that dictates how your body processes foods and how types of exercise affect the body and an innovative way to turn on your body's own FAT-BURNING switch with Transformations 360, a doctor led weight loss program and acupuncture! Walk ins for Chiropractic services with Dr. DeYoung are always welcome. Please call for appointment for Red Light Therapy and Acupuncture. 

Our Position

RejuvitATX believes that optimal health can be achieved at any age. It's never too late to improve your quality of life, naturally, non-invasively, and affordably.  

Our Promise

RejuvitATX will work with each patient to identify their specific health issues and customize a program tailored to their needs and priorities.  No contracts.

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Name change in 2020 - Welcome to RejuvitATX

reviews from some amazing austin locals - thank you!


I lost 11% of my body fat in just two weeks!

Dr. DeYoung and his lovely wife are exceptionally caring and encouraging.  I have been taking advantage of his chiropractic expertise since Dr. Vance retired and now I am also taking advantage of his new light therapy and healing treatments.  I lost 11% of my body fat in just two weeks!  Yep-you read that right. My body fat index dropped dramatically with Dr. DeYoung's expert help and advice. Nothing else has worked--and believe me I've tried everything from diet and exercise to cleanses and fasting.  I am extremely pleased with the regimen and the treatments, as well as the chiropractic care. My body clearly loves it and is naturally shedding what it does not need (aka--the fat) as a result of proper treatment. My joints are happier and less painful with both the light treatments and less weight to carry around. I highly recommend Dr. DeYoung and suggest you ask him or Christine about the infrared light therapy in combination with liver support ASAP.  You won't be sorry--unless you miss the big discount he's offering right now to try it!

Dr. DeYoung is the best I've ever been treated by.

Jeff DeYoung has taken over Dr. Vance's chiropractic patients.  I have been incredibly impressed and I'm very picky!  I have been to chiropractors for over 30 years, and Dr. DeYoung is the best I've ever been treated by.  He can figure out what is wrong without you even having to tell him.  He also will spend all the time necessary to get you re-aligned correctly the first time.  He is strong but very gentle.  I've often been leery of getting my neck adjusted, but I don't have that fear with him.  The other plus - he always makes time for patients asap so you don't have to wait days to get help. 

I don’t promote a business unless I truly believe in it.

I don’t promote a business unless I truly believe in it. Two things are going on at The Chiropractic and Wellness Center. I was there visiting Christine Dillon-DeYoung, wife and wellness coach of Dr. Jeff. For those of you wanting to be a better version of yourself....Christine is your girl... and one of the best cheerleaders you’ll ever have on your side while you go through your healthy transformation. If you’re wanting to lose weight, change lifestyle of eating habits....you need to stop by and schedule a meeting with her! She’s amazing!  Her knowledge and support is like no other! And her program works! I had been on day 9 of having a horrible knot in my shoulder. I had extremely limited movement in my neck because of this knot. Two massages, Epsom salt bath, and even a doctors visit to get muscle relaxers wasn’t working. Christine told me to let her husband look at the knot and I hesitantly did, as I normally don’t go to a chiropractor. He felt the knotted area, and other areas around it and immediately knew where in my neck was the root of the problem. He did an adjustment on me and told me I should wake up in the morning feeling much better. I smiled and said thank you not really believing him. I woke up the next morning 100% better! I couldn’t believe it! To think I had wasted all those days feeling as bad as I did when it could’ve been fixed immediately with the right chiropractor.  I am now a true believer that with the right chiropractor (and I mean the right one) you can truly feel better and get your body back in line and feel like a new person!  Christine and Dr. Jeff.... you both ROCK! What a power couple! Go by and see them! . 

Thanks Dr. DeYoung and I'll be coming back for sure!

My grandfather is a chiropractor and has been adjusting me for years, I recently moved to Austin and visited Dr. DeYoung in south Austin and had the best experience! His office is clean and Dr.DeYoung is extremely comforting. After my adjustment I was able to touch my toes (which I haven’t been able to in years)!! Thanks Dr.Deyoung and I’ll be coming back for sure! My wife will also be visiting for a body sculpting also ... another review to come!! 

Both Dr. DeYoung and Christine truly care about healing their patients.

 i am not great about writing reviews, but I have  to spread the word about The Chiropractic and Wellness Center.  Both Dr. DeYoung and Christine truly care about healing their patients.  

I started with the Red Light Therapy with Christine to help my ankles and overall cell rejuvenation.  My feet/ankles have been hurting for about 10 years, due to an old ankle injury, plantar fasciitis and overall swelling.  I did two treatments and they feel amazing.  I even went to ACL last weekend and my feet felt fine!  There is no way I could have done that without major pain had I not used the Red Light Therapy.

Now on to Dr DeYoung, I have been going to various Chiropractors over the years, but have NEVER had an adjustment like I get from Dr. DeYoung.  I can't tell you what he does different other than persistence,  strength and overall experience, but I feel amazing.  I always felt like they never quite got it all, but now I walk out breathing and feeling great.  Do your body a favor and go see The Chiropractic and Wellness Center.  They bought the business from Dr. Vance on Brodie.  Your body will thank you! 

Dr. DeYoung did a great job.

 Dr. DeYoung did a great job. I walked in with pain and walked out without pain. Thank you! 


Dr. DeYoung is the BEST!

Dr. Deyoung is the BEST chiropractor to have ever adjusted me...I cannot recommend him highly enough!!!!  Give him a try, I promise, you will not regret it...he is fabulous!!!!  

I can't rave about the red light therapy enough.

 I'm having an awesome experience at the Chiropractic and Wellness center.  Truly, I can't rave about the red light therapy enough. It's working to upgrade my metabolism on a cellular level and I've also noticed my liver and gallbladder are very happy since starting the red light therapy.  Its giving me a whole body tune up! I've been losing inches too. The new owners Dr. Jeff and his beautiful wife Christine are super supportive and personable.  Dr. Jeff is also hands down one of the best chiropractors I've had the good fortune to meet.  Highly recommend! 

Best Dr. of Chiropractic period ! A true practitioner of the art.

I felt brand new after my adjustment!

 I can not recommend Dr. Jeff enough! I felt brand new after my adjustment! And Christine is a god sent! ❤️ 

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